Going green


Sustainability is at the core of our DNA.

As a major player in the German real estate market, OFFICEFIRST takes responsibility and has deeply integrated criteria of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its business processes. Our aspiration is to significantly improve the portfolio, conserve resources and increase their quality of stay. Thus, around 90% of our properties are planned, optimised and subsequently certified according to strict sustainability standards – above all the BREEAM system.

OFFICEFIRST lives sustainability and always designs its building strategies in an ESG-compliant manner. We consider ESG criteria to be a central element for the successful and sustainable development of our portfolio and our company.

ESG criteria are therefore being anchored ever more deeply in the company itself and in all OFFICEFIRST processes. We are thus ensuring that all properties will have their own sustainability strategy in the future.

When implementing our optimisation measures, we always follow the maxim of social and ecological responsibility. In doing so, we work in interdisciplinary teams and make use of innovative tools and concepts.

Reducing our

CO2 emissions

Minimising the carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency are crucial to the success of our work. To this end, we have implemented extensive reorganisation and optimisation measures and developed various monitoring tools. These enable us to transparently record and verify the savings effects.

We are constantly working to reduce CO2 emissions across our portfolio and equip all buildings with renewable energy generation systems.

In addition, we purchase certified green electricity for all properties and continuously implement measures to reduce the primary energy demand of technical facilities.

Thanks to the transparently recorded and audited consumption data, which can be made available throughout the company, we are able to monitor our carbon footprint on an ongoing basis.

Best Practice

MesseTurm reloaded
The tradition-steeped MesseTurm will continue to be not only the city’s best-known and most popular skyscraper, but also a future-oriented building that perfectly balances efficiency, modern working and quality of life. In the course of an extensive renovation project, the building was adapted to meet today’s requirements of modern office users and equipped with natural materials, lush greenery and the latest technology, among other things.
For example, the plant technology was comprehensively modernised and equipped with optimised control systems. Refrigeration machines and cooling towers were modernised and new fans for the central ventilation systems are now driven at optimised speed. In addition, the technology of all lifts was thoroughly renewed.
The MesseTurm in new splendor

Bringing sustainability concepts to life

In an extensive reload project, the MesseTurm was technically optimised and adapted to the needs of modern office users. The lobby is now much more than just a passageway to the lifts. Today, a light-flooded reception area impresses with diverse innovations and inspires users and guests from all over the world. Warm materials, lush greenery and an innovative waterfall create an impressive vitality and filter the air in a natural way. In addition, the intelligent lighting concept enables efficient and sustainable cost management.

Bringing cutting-edge technology & sustainability into action

The impressive 17m high lobby presented the ventilation planners with special challenges at the beginning of the project. Based on a computer-controlled flow simulation (CFD simulation), it was finally possible to develop a highly intelligent and trend-setting concept for the MesseTurm.

In conjunction with a new underfloor heating/cooling system and new underfloor convectors, the ventilation of the foyer was converted to a system that was able to achieve an impressive 90% saving in the area of air conditioning.

Of course, certified green electricity is used to supply the building.

Taking the concept of work-life balance into account

A good work-life balance is measured by individual criteria depending on the life situation. With OFFICEFIRST, Helmut Jahn and Matteo Thun have developed a concept that is not only modern, functional and tasteful, but in particular oriented towards the needs of its users.

The tower now has, for example, a café-bar with outdoor terrace, a new and health-oriented restaurant as well as a greened lobby that invites to various activities in addition to an inviting lounge.

The MesseTurm is now part of the public space, so that external visitors also benefit from the new facilities and a bright and friendly ambience. Last but not least, users benefit from the ideal location. The MesseTurm is not only located next to an inviting green space, but also offers, among other things, direct access to the underground, tram and motorway as well as restaurants, hotels and a state-of-the-art shopping centre in the immediate vicinity.

A greener future

Further endeavours

Striving to improve our balance day by day

  • We contribute to the energy and mobility transition by installing e-charging stations in our properties.
  • Additionally, we use green electric power for the most of our properties and are considering the installation of photovoltaic systems.
  • In order to preserve our native biodiversity, we implement targeted measures to promote flora and fauna as much as possible.
  • We conduct satisfaction surveys with our tenants on a regular basis.
  • To make a positive contribution to society, we provide rent-free accommodation for fugitives.